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Lara Fabian

Pop, Folk

Music performer Lara Fabian was born on January 9, 1970, in Etterbeek, Brussels, Belgium (today the singer is 48 years old). At the age of 14, Belgian-Italian Lara Fabian unknowingly created the basis for an impressive international career, sings in clubs in Brussels. A few years later, after winning many European competitions and gaining some popularity, she launched her first single, followed by her first self-titled album...

Three years after the release of her first album, which went gold and platinum, she released her second album Carpe Diem, which began her career as a singer-songwriter in French-speaking countries, especially in Quebec. Within three weeks, the album went gold. She then took her musical compositions on tour, performing to over 150, 000 fans, while her album went triple platinum. She was especially appreciated by the Canadian social and music industries. In 1995 she was awarded two Fé lix awards from the Association of Musicians of Quebec (ADISQ), namely Best Female Vocalist of the Year (popularly voted) and Best Live Performance of the Year.

Then everything began to take shape!

In 1996, Walt Disney Studios immortalized Lara's voice. In addition to portraying Esmeralda, the heroine of the animated play The Hunchback of Notre Dame, she sang the song (Que Dieu aide les exclus) on the film's soundtrack.

In October, her third album, Pure, went platinum in less than two weeks. With this album, she won an award at the 1997 Félix for Album of the Year. The same year, Pure was launched in France, where over two million albums were sold in two years. Thanks to this resounding success, which eloquently expressed love to her loving and loyal fans, Lara was awarded the New Artist of the Year award at the prestigious French gala competition Les Victoires de la Musique. This was in February 1998, a few months before a concert tour in several French cities, which led to the recording of an album (Lara Fabian Live) in March 1999, which went platinum a few months later. Lara Fabian was praised by music lovers and critics...

In addition to receiving the Felix Award for the Most Influential Quebec Artist outside Quebec, she was voted Personality of the Year by Paris Match magazine, in which she was featured on the cover. As her fame grew, she was honored with the World Music Awards for Best Selling Artist for "Sound Purity." In between Lara Fabian's concerts in Europe, she often returned to New York and San Francisco to record her first albums in English. She wrote most of the songs, working with Rick Ellison and producers Walter Afanasyev (Mariah Carey), Pat Leonard (Madonna), Sam Watters (ex-Me Badd color) and Brian Rowling (Cher "I Believe").

In May 2000, released by Sony Records, the self-titled album was released on America's most watched morning television show, the NBC Today Show. Invitations poured in and Lara Fabian appeared on The Tonight Show, The View, Access Hollywood, Craig Kilborn, Entertainment Tonight...

The first snippet of the album, I'll Love Again, hit # 1 on the Billboard Dance Music charts and lasted for 58 weeks! Thanks to this resounding success, she won the felix award for the Quebec artist with the greatest influence in a language other than French. The songs from the album delight listeners and viewers all over the world.

In February 2001, Love By Grace became the lead couple's song in the Brazilian soap opera Laços de Familia, broadcast by TV Globo to millions of viewers in Brazil and Portugal. For several weeks, the song was number 1 on most Brazilian and Portuguese radio stations. Love By Grace has spawned an incredible frenzy around the artist... you just don't run the billboards of Portuguese-speaking countries every day!

Following From Lara with Love, her first special aired on American television, PBS, the singer-songwriter appeared on the hugely popular radio WTKU New York, Miracle on 34th Street, which featured many popular artists including Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera, Mark Anthony, Ricky Martin and Toni Braxton.

Shortly after the release of the eponymous album in English in Asia, Lara was ranked number one in Taiwan's top ten in popularity ratings, it was a great moment for the musician. Many were especially impressed with the song “Light of My Life” (found only in the Asian edition of the album), which she interpreted with Lee-Hom, the main male vocalist in Asia. This song was included in the movie "China Strike Force, " which featured rookie Lee-Horn alongside Aaron Kwok.

Looking forward to several cities around the world, Lara has handled her growing popularity brilliantly, appearing frequently overseas.